Thursday, 30 October 2014

Minecraft Blog Week 1

In week 1, our first shot, it went pretty well. We did a few things before we got there, including:
  • Setting up our build ideas and groups for them ( all are on the 'Wants and Needs T-chart' pic below)


  • Thought where we would place our needs at our land
  • Made a line of 10 being the most confident and 3 being the least confident, so groups could be fair in minecraft intelligence
  • Planned what and how we could include in our builds e.g. a kitchen for the hotel
  • Figured we'd make a minecraft treaty, and if we broke a rule out of the treaty, there would be consequences
  • Started up our world, had a quick play, mess, and look around, then began the building!

I'm really happy we're able to do this, 'cause I'm the #1 fan of minecraft, and I've always wanted to play in a multiplayer world and build with others like this!


  1. your blog is really good and I wish my blog can be like this one (that was my wish)

  2. 1st star: great detail Zain.

    2nd star: you have added loads of detail.

    wish honestly it is not easy to think of a wish but maybe more punctuation